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Enquiry letter

PT. Indah Teknik
Suryopranoto 1 street
Harmoni 18521
­­5th February, 1988


Ryan Trading Co.
Batu Ceper VIII street
West Java 17544

Dear sir,
Would You please let us have quotation for the following technical tools with prices and term :
1.     Drill 1662
2.     Angle grinder 7531
3.     Rotary fixing hammer UBH 8/17-778
If You can quote us your favorable prices, we should like to place our order as soon as possible.
We should be pleased to have your prompt reply.

Yours trully,

Jaya Priyatno

Complaint letter
PT. Gramedia
Jendral Sudirman Street
South Java 17667

­­­­­AS/GR                                                            15th December, 1999

PT. Mulia Printing Co.
Swasembada barat street
North Java 19976

Dear sir,
We are writing in connection with Bobo magazine No. 20 arrived in our office four days ago.
On checking the magazine, we found that there are only 40 copies instead of 80 copies.
Furthermore 10 of magazines seem in bad condition. The covers are dirty and the pictures are missing. Therefore we have no altenative but to return the damaged goods.
Subsequently we are require the delivery of 15 more copies and the replacement for the damaged goods. Your attention to this matter is highly appreciated.

A list of wrong goods                                                    your trully,

                                                                                    Jihan putria


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